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While I am waiting for my 23andMe results…

Intensity Without Mastery

My mom and my sister both did the 23andMe ancestry test, and their results were ready in just 15 days from receipt at the lab where their samples were tested. This is the semi-instant gratification for which I longed back when I started genetic genealogy tests in late 2015. All 28 days I waited for my 23andMe results felt like a month a piece. I distracted my impatience by building a family tree on Ancestry; it held more than 2,000 ancestors by the time my results were ready.

In the intervening 18 months, I’ve grown attached to that initial chromosome painting. While the science behind it simply isn’t refined enough to guarantee its accuracy, it still seems the best of the geographical estimates I’ve done:

Screenshot 2017-04-28 at 9

Now that my mom’s results are ready, the company will phase our results against each other, sharpening the estimates. Once this phasing takes place, I…

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Sadie Burby

Sadie Burby was Sadie Bérubé, daughter of Pierre Bérubé and Émélie Ouellette.

Sadie Bérubé file

When French-Canadians emigrated to the United States in the 1800s and the early 1900s their names would be written several different ways by clerks, census takers, government officials, etc.

This is the record of marriage of George Lagassie, 21 and Sadie Bérubé, 22.

marriage George Lagassie and Sadie Berube


marriage George Lagassie and Sadie Berube part 2

This differs from this transcription on BMS 2000 a genealogy database.

fiche de mariage Georges Lagace et Laddie Bérubé

Names are written differently and the date of the marriage isn’t the same. I don’t bother with these details since I know Georges and Sadie really existed and have descendants looking for them.

Looking for them?

Not really because most people don’t really care about their ancestors. I have seen this many times since 2009 when I started writing this blog. Contacting people to let them know about their ancestors most of the time does not bears fruits. I can live with that even though these people miss a lot in understanding who they are and where they come from…

Eugene seems most interested in finding his ancestors…

I have Sadie’s Father as Arthur Berube born in Lisbon, Me, which is quite a way from Aroostook County. I have a mother’s name as Clara Berube or Beruke Blanchette. I will keep in touch because this is very important…

And this is why I am helping him like I have helped Alyce LaGasse in 2010 and Dennis Lagasse in 2011.

To be continued…