A request on Ancestry about Firmin

I had this message two weeks ago on Ancestry.

Hello my name is Eugene Legassie. I am researching my family tree and believe Firmin might be a distant relative. My father’s name was Eugene Legasse and his mother was Sadie Berube. Any help would be appreciated.

Add Legassie to the never-ending list of how the surname Lagacé was written.

This being said, I had asked Eugene for more details so I could help him because this is the information I had in my database of more than 42,000 names.

I have this and much more. I have Henriette instead of Sadie.
Firmin Lagasse was born on December 18, 1838. His father, Julien, was 26 and his mother, Marie-Victoire, was 30. He married Henriette Bérubé on September 23, 1861, in Madawaska, New Brunswick. They had seven children in 20 years. He died on August 3, 1920, at the age of 81.

Eugene sent me more information and my alter ego got searching…

Hercule Poirot


This is what I have tried to research. I saw a Joseph George Legasse (Lagasse). Born 1896, father’s name Laurent, mother’s name Clementine. Laurent was born 1868. Clementine was born in Connor Me. 1856. He lived in the Connor plantation Aroostook County Me.

And I have a Joseph George Legasse (Lagasse), born in Limestone Me. 3-29-1895. His father’s name was William (Guillaume) Lagace. His mother’s name was Marie (Rose, Rosa) Levesque. Joseph George Legasse (Lagasse) He died 1949 or 1933.

Sadie was my grandmother and I remember her very clearly. Her last name is stated as Berube (Beruke). Born 1896. Father’s name Arthur Berube. Mother’s name was Clara. Sadie died Jan 1 1969. On a copy of a record of my father’s birth certificate Sadie’s name is spelt (Burby). The problem I am having is that the info Ancestry is providing is incorrect or misleading.

I have Sadie’s Father as Arthur Berube born in Lisbon, Me, which is quite a way from Aroostook County. I have a mother’s name as Clara Berube or Beruke Blanchette. I will keep in touch because this is very important…

To be continued next week…

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