It’s about a picture I took in a cemetery in October 2012 when I visited third cousin Joe. In 2012 I knew that the Dubés were related to the Lagacés. So I took that picture in case Pamela Dube would be a distant relative.

Pamela Dubé 1863-1946

This is a comment I got two days ago.

I need more information about the death of Pamela Dubé married to Napoléon Dubé. Can you send me information about the cemetery where she was buried and the date if you have?

Thank you.


I replied and Annick sent me the research she had done on the Dubés and she told me I could share it.

This is the translation of yesterday’s post

Bernard Dubé Family

Bernard Dubé was born and baptized on August 20,1819 in St-Roch-des-Aulnaies. He died on November 17, and was buried on November 21,1899 in Notre-Dame-du-Lac.

His wife Marie Charlotte Caron was born on December 23,1823 in Rivière-du-Loup and was baptized the next day in St-André. His parents were Louis Caron and Marie Charlotte Plourde.

Their children were:

  1. Joseph Onésime was born and baptized February 16,1844 in St-André. Married to Philomène Roy on August 6,1866 in Notre-Dame-du-Lac. Died on July 31,1928, buried on August 2,1928 in Notre-Dame-du-Lac.
  2. Thessalonique/Célanire was born on 27 November 1845 in Rivière-du-Loup, baptized the next day. Married to Jean Baptiste Beaulieu on September 17,1866 at Notre-Dame-du-Lac. Died September 13,1924, buried on September 15,1924 at St-Eusèbe.
  3. Leda was born and baptized on June 1,1858 in Rivière-du-Loup. Married to Prudent Beaulieu on January 7,1879 at Notre-Dame-du-Lac. Died May 27,1937, buried May 29,1937 in Notre-Dame-du-Lac.
  4. Élie was born November 15,1854 in Rivière-du-Loup. Married to Henriette Beaulieu on October 6,1885 at Notre-Dame-du-Lac. Died May 9,1920, buried in Notre-Dame-du-Lac on May 12,1920
  5. Philomène was born on March 20,1867 in Notre-Dame-du-Lac, baptized the next day. Married to Edgar Pinet on October 6,1885 at Notre-Dame-du-Lac.
  6. Julianna was born on June 11,1860 in Rivière-du-Loup and baptized the next day in Notre-Dame-du-Portage. Married at Evariste Dubé on November 12,1889 at Notre-Dame-du-Lac
  7. Bernard Sylvio was born November 23,1870 in Notre-Dame-du-Lac and baptized November 26,1870. Married to Arthémise Dubé on November 12,1889 in Notre-Dame-du-Lac.
  8. Achilles was born and baptized August 13,1849 in Rivière-du-Loup. Married to Catherine Michaud on February 20,1871 in Notre-Dame-du-Lac. Died May 15,1875, buried on May 17,1875 in Notre-Dame-du-Lac.
  9. Bernard Élisée was born on December 3,1847 in Rivière-du-Loup, baptized the same day in Cacouna. Married to Séraphine Dubé on November 5,1878 in L’ Isle-Verte, France.
  10. Hormidas was born December 20,1868; baptized the next day in Notre-Dame-du-Lac. Died March 5,1927; buried in Notre-Dame-du-Lac on March 8,1927.
  11. Paméla was born and baptized on May 7,1863 in Notre-Dame-du-Lac. Married to Napoléon Dubé on April 15,1899 in New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA.
  12. Tancrède was born on July 22,1851 in Rivière-du-Loup and baptized on July 24,1851. Married to Derumène Saucier on October 28,1878 at St-François Xavier, New Brunswick. Died October 29,1932, buried in Notre-Dame-du-Lac on October 31,1932.
  13. Joseph Herménégilde was born on February 24,1865 in Notre-Dame-du-Lac and baptized on February 26,1865. Married to Philomène Desjardins.
  14. Délima was born on March 16,1853 in Rivière-du-Loup and baptized the next day. Married to Louis Pelletier on November 3,1874 at Notre-Dame-du-Lac.
  15. Ivanhoé Ivanhoe was born on October 1,1872 in Notre-Dame-du-Lac, baptized on October 3,1872. Married to Hélène Roy,
  16. Arthur was born on October 28,1856 in Rivière-du-Loup. Married to Hélène Labrie on June 22,1886 in Rivière-du-Loup. Died August 17,1937 buried on August 20,1937 at St-Eusèbe.

Arthur and Hélène’s children were:

  1. Timothy was born on June 4,1889 in St-Eusèbe and baptized on June 8,1889 in Notre-Dame-du-Lac. Married to Eugénie Giroux on September 7,1914 in Notre-Dame-du-Lac. Died on 12 October 1979 in St-Eusèbe
  2. Alma was born on July 9,1893 in St-Eusèbe and baptized on July 12,1893 in Notre-Dame-du-Lac. Married to Arthur Quenneville on September 7,1914 at St-Eusèbe. Died November 20,1964 at Rivière Bleue, Quebec
  3. Émile was born August 2,1891 in St-Eusèbe and baptized the same day in Notre-Dame-du-Lac. Married to Blanche Jolicoeur Girard on February 15,1915 in Ville St-Pierre, Montreal.