About the Campbells…

Jeffrey posted a comment which merits our attention…

Following up with the missing marriage record for William Campbell and Marie Josephte Chartier, I have uncovered evidence in the form of a general military order, issued by [presumably] General Murray, commander of British Forces in Quebec after the death of General James Wolfe, stating: “The general desires that the commanding officers of the Regts. [regiments] will not suffer their men to mary [sic] the French.’ Dated at Quebec, 6 October 1759. Translation: British soldiers were not permitted to marry the local ladies during that stage of the war in Canada. 

This would explain the missing marriage record for our ancestor ca. 1761, the year of the birth of their first daughter. More importantly, it solidifies the couple most likely never legally married; perhaps they handfasted their relationship?

As always, those requiring a copy of the document for their personal records please advise.