Il y a dix ans… Ten years ago…

This was the main reason for my first blog.

I had created it for Le Cyber Journal.

Cyber journal

I was looking for a family’s history. There was this couple, Gédéon Bohémier and Euphébronie Clément. And yet, I was in no way connected to them…

When I had transcribed the rest of the Ste-Anne-des-Plaines 1852 census in December 2007, I saw the name of a teacher. As a former teacher, I was immediately attracted to this one. Her name was Phébronie Clément, according to the enumerator, but I saw many other ways to write her first name, including Euphébronie in parish registers during 1870.

What I do know is that she had married Gideon Bohemian (sic).

I’d like to tell you that they lived happily ever after and had many beautiful children, but destiny wanted otherwise…

Here is the direct link to the couple Léon (Gédéon) Bohémier and Euphébronie Clément in my Ancestry website Les ancêtres de Ste-Anne-des-Plaines if you are one of my members.

While doing this research, I had found that three of their children had died on December 2nd and December 4th, 1870 in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines. They were Léontine, Benjamin and Bruno. The cause of death was not mentioned in the burial certificates. We only see it occasionally.

So I’m taking my chances here and I am asking the question:

Are you aware of what happened to the three children of Gédéon Bohémier and Euphébronie Clément in 1870? Some people have told me about an epidemic, but they were none recorded in 1870. Others have told me about a fire, but it’s only an hypothesis.
Someone even sent me burial documents showing that another child, Henri Bohémier, was also buried on November 28th, 1870.

So we have four children who died in just a week…

You want more…?

Another child, named  Siméon, was baptized on December 9th, 1870 and died in 1878. I haven’t had any information on the cause of his death yet. There is surely someone in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines who would be aware of this family decimated by mortality….

And it’s not over, because I think Gideon could be called Leon too. I’ve seen that name in burial records. I saw this name in other acts of burial in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines with that of a Philomène, a Fébronie Clément and also a Fébina! I know that there was a couple named Léon Bohémier and Philomène (?) Clément who also had lost children…

This is so confusing!

Léon and Gédéon are finally the same couple

They had 21 children, 15 of whom died before they were ten years old. Their children who died within two weeks probably had a contagious childhood disease.

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