Old pictures and my 5th cousin once removed

Old pictures sometimes are the only thing left to remember people by…

Or headstones…

Or Memorial Websites

Or a 94 year-old veteran who remembers the Fallen.

Gordon Hill remembered his old friend Larry Legace with pictures he kept all these years. First, with a picture taken at No.5 ITS (Initial Training School) Belleville, Ontario…

No.5 ITS Belleville, Ontario

Next, with a group picture taken later at No.4 EFTS Windsor Mills, Quebec in the summer of 42…

No.4 EFTS Windsor Mills, Quebec

Finally with a group picture taken at No.13 SFTS St. Hubert, Quebec…

SFTS St. Hubert

No.13 SFTS St. Hubert, Quebec

St-Hubert SFTS No 65 course

Colorised version

This photo of Larry was found on Ancestry’s Website.

Larry Legace real name was Lawrence Ferdinand Legace. His record of service is available for everyone to look at. Probably no one is looking for Lawrence since he never had any descendants…

Unless he fathered a child during the war…

Gordon Hill lost track of his old friend after they trained together at St. Hubert. He did not know that his friend had died in World War Two. When I found out, I told Clarence Simonsen who met “Gord” several times to write his memoirs to go easy when he would be telling him that his old friend had died.

Lawrence was on his 10th operation or trip as indicated on this confidential report dated 22 January, 1944.


Lawrence had become an Avro Lancaster Mark II pilot with RCAF 432 Squadron.


Avro Lancaster Mark II
Source Internet

Lancaster II

Avro Lancaster Mark II
Source Internet


Larry’s Record of Service card

After January 22, 1944, Lawrence became just a name on official documents for someone to read and file away.

First on a casualty inquiry dated 14 January, 1946…




Then a first investigation report dated 15 June, 1946…


burial report

Finally this one which is dated 12 March, 1948…

Not very pretty to read I warn you.



This is Lawrence’s final resting place…




3 thoughts on “Old pictures and my 5th cousin once removed

  1. Thank you for sharing about Larry Legace. I couldn’t read the written pages very well but understood enough what happened. Where is he buried exactly? Peter Lagasse

    Sincerely, Peter Lagasse *Reading Courting Her Highness: The Story of Queen Anne* by *Jean Plaidy*

    *Doing a blog on the 182 letters my Uncle * *wrote **to my maternal grandmother while * *in the **Army in Europe **during World War II.* *CHRISTMAS LETTER*

    *https://worldwariiwordsmyuncle.blogspot.com/2017/09/25-dec-1943-post-17-uncle-charlies.html *

    • I can’t get WordPress to open images in a new window so readers can read the documents.

      There was little left of Larry.
      He’s buried in Germany.
      I added a link at the end for his memorial on Find a Grave.

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