Alexina – Post 1230

Alexina Brault or Breault was Elmire’s niece.

This screen capture shows you how add Father, add Mother, add RELATIVES will lead you if you are not careful.

If I remember correctly it was Fran who had shared this photo of Alexina Brault and Zéphyr Choinière.

They had four children. At least that’s how many I found.

No one got married at least I found no wedding photos…

Fran had also shared these two photos. The first one is Albert George Choinière and Alice Louise Alexandre’s wedding picture.

Albert George Choinière and Alice Louise Alexandre

This one with the best man and the bridesmaid.

The best man looked familiar as well as the bridesmaid.

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2 thoughts on “Alexina – Post 1230

  1. When I read your entry on Elmira I wondered if she was related to Alexina and her sister. Thank you for the connection. I’ve neglected my genealogy lately but enjoy all your “Our Ancestors” emails. Just found a great site where I was able to identify all the convoys and their destinations of my dad’s ships during WWII. Looking forward to more of your writings, photos and research. Thank you.

    • Neglecting genealogy is perfectly alright. We need time to reflect on what we have been doing. I need a lot of reflecting.

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