Placenta praevia

I guess you all know by now how Elmire Brault died on May 3rd, 1890.

If not, click on the image below.


Elmire Brault was just a name that I had found in 2007 while searching for my lost ancestors. Little by little my obsession with finding distant relatives led me in 2009 to write Our Ancestors, then later  find Joe, and visit together an old cemetery in Bristol, Connecticut.

This is how I met Elmire a second time.

Joe’s foot is seen on the right. I owe so much to Joe, and Katie owes so much to him. Joe and I are third cousins. This is a photo of his great-great-grandmother Marguerite Alexandre.

Marguerite Alexandre was my great-grandmother’s sister. I have no pictures of Henriette Alexandre but several pictures of her husband my great-grandfather Dennis Lagasse II, pictures that were shared by Dennis Lagasse IV.

I still hope that one day someone will write me and share Henriette’s pictures.

Until then, I can wait.