This is one of the reasons why genealogy can become an addictive pastime…

Add Father, Add Mother… + ADD RELATIVE


Visiting cemeteries can also be addictive…

Fanie Lupien’s story began there and might stop here unless people share knowledge and old pictures.

Old pictures!

That another good reason to get addicted!

Update on a Mission Impossible

The Brault name struck a cord when I was searching for French-Canadian names with Joe in St. Joseph Cemetery in Bristol. So I took three pictures just to be sure I could read the names later.

Elmire Brault’s name was easy to read, but her husband’s name was hard to clearly see.

I could make out Fanie Lupien, but it looked like Fannie, a woman’s name.

So I got thinking… and thinking, and looking…

Lo and behold Fanie Lupien’s name was somewhere on a list!

(familles de la paroisse de Ste-Anne à Bristol)


Hello Pierre,

I am working on my husband’s genealogy and have hit a bit of a brick wall, I was wondering if you have any additional information on Fanie Lupien or Elmire Brault Lupien of Bristol, CT? I believe Fanie might be my husband’s 2nd great grandfather but records are hard to piece together.


To be continued…?