The Bryant Family – Winter of 42

I did not know a thing about that family until a veteran Spitfire pilot shared all the pictures he took in World War II.

Some pictures are about the Bryant Family like this one taken in the winter of 42.

Guy Bryant is with his wife and the young Gordon Hill. Guy Bryant and Gordon Hill are not famous people. This is the reason why I am writing about them on Our Ancestors. Maybe one day a descendant of the Bryant family will cherish all the pictures Gordon Hill took.


Like this one with a Navy man and a beautiful young woman posing with a dog for Gordon.

The date is May 9th, 1943. We are at the Bryant home in Sherbrooke.

I kind of adopted that family thanks to Clarence Simonsen’s research on a veteran Spitfire pilot.

Gordon Hill’s story is on another blog titled Preserving the Past. That’s the reason I was pretty quiet on Our Ancestors lately.

This is about to change.

This is post 1222.

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