September 1 (est.), 911 A Different Normandy Story

Very interesting. article.
In my search for my ancestors I had stumbled on a lineage that traced back one of my ancestors to Rollo.

This is the post I wrote in 2015.

People had linked Georges de Quesnel and Charlotte Malvoue to Rollo…
Guess what?
In a 1879 book, it is written Georges never fathered any children.

Since then no one has contradicted me. However it is more than possible that the Quesnels might be descendants of Vikings.

Today in History

The warlike men who sailed their longboats out of the north tormented the coastal UK and northwestern Europe, ever since their first appearance at LindisfarneMonastery in 793.

These “Norsemen” (“Normans”), attacked Paris early in 911. By July they were holding Rollothe nearby town of Chartres under siege. Normans had burned the place to the ground back in 858 and would probably have done so again, but for their defeat at the battle of Chartres on July 20.

Even in defeat, these people presented a formidable threat. The Frankish King approached them with a solution.

King Charles III, known as “Charles the Simple” after his plain, straightforward ways, proposed to give the Normans the region from the English Channel to the river Seine. It would be the Duchy of Normandy, some of the finest farmlands in northwest Europe, and it would be theirs in exchange for an oath of loyalty…

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2 thoughts on “September 1 (est.), 911 A Different Normandy Story

  1. Small world isn’t it, to find that you may be related to Rollo, himself. My father is our family historian, particularly since retirement gave him the time to pursue his passion. The descent of one’s own family history is interesting no matter who you are. I highly commend it to anyone who ever thought about giving it a try.

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