Dead Ends?

I had a lot of dead ends since 2007 when I started getting interested in genealogy.

This dead end was one of the many reasons behind Our Ancestors.

She was known in 2010 as “unknown young woman Bristol late 1890s”.

If you look closely at my header on Our Ancestors you will see her again. You will not be surprised if this is post number 1216 on my blog. The story of Myra Alexandre (or Myra Alexander) is all over on this blog, created in September 2009, as well as her sister Flavie Alexandre Lestage and a whole lot more!

When someone shared these pictures in 2010, I just had to write about this unknown young woman whom at first I thought was my grandaunt Malvina Lagasse, sister of the elusive Dennis Lagasse.

Boy was I dead wrong.

I had also reached a dead end with descendants of Robert Lagasse, the son of Joseph Miller Lagasse and Edwina Newcity, whom I had found in the 1900 U.S. census.

His parents were on the previous page.

Joseph was also one of the brothers of the elusive Dennis…

That was all that I knew about Joseph Miller Lagasse and his son Robert Lagasse. Then someone found Our Ancestors and started to share his wife’s old pictures.

This one of Robert Miller…

He also sent this one and, as he put it, it was about an unknown young man…

and about an unknown old man with Dorothy Miller…

At first I thought I was looking my great-grandfather Stanislas (the elusive Dennis).

Wrong again.


Finally I figured it all out…

Dorothy was with her grandfather Joseph Miller Lagasse, father of Robert Miller seen here with his wife Gertrude May Barrett and two of their granddaughters, Dorothy and Gertrude Miller.

Dead ends?


The surname Mignier dit L’Agacé evolved through the years and varied a lot… Mignier, Minier, Meunier (which means Miller in English) to Lagassé, Lagassée, Lagacé, Lagasse, Lagassee, Lagassey…

Want more variations?

Just write me…


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