Jean-Baptiste Gemme dit Bellegarde

Finding that your ancestor was part of Quebec’s history might be a revelation.

Jean-Baptiste Gemme dit Bellegarde was General Montcalm’s aide de camp. He was there when Montcalm died.

There is a a legend about a watch Montcalm gave to his aide de camp. I found it on the Internet.

Jean-Baptiste Gemme dit Bellegarde was the ancestor of Thomas Gemme or Jamme.

Thomas was the first settler in Roberval, Quebec. Some of his descendants emigrated to the United States.

One was Thomas Jam whose brother Henri married Delphine Cauchon, Alfred Cauchon’s sister.

Collection M. Miller

In homage to Thomas, I did this colorised version of an old picture.

And added this for his lovely wife Justine Lizotte.

Collection M. Miller