Welcome to Madawaska, Maine


I was sure some Olsime Lagasse’s descendants would have like very much to virtually visit Madawaska, Maine.

I was not meant to be.

Finding Alsime Lagasse aka Onésime Lagassé in the future might be a Mission Impossible for any of his descendants or his relatives’ descendants since no one has ever linked him before with André Mignier dit l’Agacé.

Unless I had started writing about him here…

Hi Pierre,

My grandmother was the daughter of Olsime Lagasse. Olsime’s parents appear to have been Julien Wilfred Lagasse and Clarisse Lagasse. I’ve noticed you have a Julien Lagasse in your family tree. Perhaps it’s the same one? I’m trying to figure out how Olsime’s wife had the same last name as him, I can not find a different last name on her and I haven’t been able to find any information past Julien and Clarisse. If we do in fact have a relative connection would you mind sharing pictures and information you have, please?

Sometimes people write, and I believe I scare them away with all that I have been writing on Our Ancestors.

This is post No. 1221.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Madawaska, Maine

  1. I enjoyed immensely visiting Madawaska. What a beautiful little town. The place is spotless and the people are so very kind. Their town is proud of their American heritage and their Acadian heritage.

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