Every picture tells a story

This has to be my favourite picture. Well one of my favourite of close to 5,000 pictures of our ancestors. Most were shared by virtual friends on the Internet.

Of those virtual friends three I met in person. All were third cousins: Sandy, Joe, and Frank. Everyone trusted me with their ancestors and their old pictures. They are all here on this blog.

This one came from Alyce whom I never met in person.

In 2010 Alyce had asked for my help in finding who was who on her old pictures.

How could I resist…

The more photos she sent the more I was able to find her lost ancestors and unknown distant cousins like the Moreaus…

And Olivine Poupard.


Scaring people

Searching for dead people on the Internet might be one of the reasons I scare people away when they first contact me.

Another one is writing a blog about it. Writing 1,200 posts on Our Ancestors is a sure winner…

This is post 1201 and I am still wondering if all this is sane just as looking for who is who on old pictures.

Guess I will have to reflect on this before I write about how I met Olivine.