Who’s Who?

Sometimes you have to stop searching for who’s who especially on fuzzy pictures. On the other hand you never know when a picture will reveal something new.

We all know who some people are on this group picture taken after a wedding don’t we? Sam, his brother David, Marie-Anne and her sister Beatrice, and…

Someday someone will write me about either Pauline T. Valois or Beatrice Virgina Ashley, and be gobsmacked.

I have learned the meaning of that word when someone used it in a comment made about Our Ancestors.

I have learned a lot since 2009.

This is post number 1200 enough to leave you speechless…

That’s the whole point behind this blog…

Next time, will I be remembering Olsime…?


32 thoughts on “Who’s Who?

  1. I have a lot of older photos that were given to me by my Aunt.
    I wish someone had put names and dates on the back of these photos, because I do not know who most of these people are. My Aunt recognizes a few more faces than I do–but there are still many people in these photos that remain (and probably will remain) completely unknown.
    And that is sad…..

    • Thanks for your comment. Reading comments like yours motivates me to keep writing… but do I really need to be motivated? (pun intended Mary)

  2. Just as a matter of interest, I figured I’d tell you that Koji got married on the 15th to a lovely Vietnamese woman.
    While I’m here…. do you have a favorite Canadian serviceman story I could reblog? While I’m into the Intermission stories, I often have ETO stories.

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