Remembering a Little Flower Girl

Old pictures have always mesmerised me especially wedding pictures.

This is Sam’s wedding. I all but forgot to talk about the little flower girl on the wedding picture.

Senior’s moment I guess.

In my search for who was who on that 1932 wedding picture, I had to use some “clever” deductions. 

First, the bride Marie-Anne Lepage had three sisters… Jeannette, Bertha, and Beatrice. She also had four brothers but that’s another story…

Jeannette Lepage, in the purple dress, was born on April 7th, 1902, and she died on February 23rd, 1996.

This is her on Find a Grave

Jeannette would have been 30 years old in 1932 when her sister Marie-Anne Lepage married Sam Lagasse, so the bridesmaid can’t be her on the wedding picture in my own humble opinion. 

Second, Bertha Lepage, who was born in 1904, would have been 28 years-old in 1932 so I don’t think the bridesmaid was Bertha. 

Which leaves us only with Beatrice Lepage, who was born in 1908, being the bridesmaid. She would have been 24 years in 1932.

Is that all important to know who’s who on old pictures and keep writing about it?

What about the little flower girl?

Jeannette Lepage had married Henri Valois in the early 1920s. Her first child was Pauline Valois born on August 7th, 1925. Pauline would have been 7 years-old in 1932.

Bertha Lepage married Forrest Ivan Ashley. Their first child was Beatrice Ashley born in 1928. Beatrice would have been four years-old in 1932.

Beatrice Lepage married Harry Ward and they had a son, Harry. 

So we are left with only two plausible answers…

What do you think? Pauline Valois or Beatrice Ashley?

At first I thought la petite bouquetière was Pauline Valois, but I am not sure anymore.


6 thoughts on “Remembering a Little Flower Girl

  1. YOU are world-class and just a tad obsessive! I LOVE this! And I go for the four-year-old, Beatrice …and your opinion is the same I bet. You and Nicole know enough about little girls to assume that she is not seven, I think?

  2. Au contraire, Madame. This ‘look’ and general appearance do NOT belong to a four year old. Hence, the 7-year old Pauline.

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