Will I ever stop?

Will I ever stop writing on Our Ancestors? 

I would not bet on it. There is so much out there on cyberspace that’s it’s mind-boggling. 

Some people have been addicted to genealogy for years… 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years and more. I have been addicted only since 2007 starting with old pictures.

My addiction for my ancestors grew and grew with each picture I found or family members shared… Then I began to get addicted to your ancestors like Charlotte M. Campbell who was lost in time.

Her story is on this blog for her descendants to find as well as her photo album saved by Earl Campbell who cared about preserving the past. 

Caring is what’s it’s all about on Our Ancestors. Caring but mostly sharing my research and other people’s research like Jeffrey Campbell did last week. 

Will I ever stop? Not in the near future because someone found my message in her spam folder and wrote me about it. 

Hello Pierre, 

I am so sorry I did not see your email until now. My email was inundated with spam and advertisements. I was clearing it out when I came across your message. 

What can you share about William Alexander Campbell? I am very interested to learn more. I am actually travelling to Scotland in August, it would be amazing to learn more about his life, where he lived, and my Scottish Heritage. 

Thank you! 

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Will I ever stop?

  1. Pierre, Don’t Stop! I was never much interested – I left it to my brother – but you keep sparking my own interest. I am an old follower in disguise and I thought you’d be interested in the sinking of the Montevideo Maru 75 years ago on July 1 1942. http://wp.me/p8PuzR-2X
    Regards John (real name)

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