You ought to be. I am also confused when I read back some of what I wrote on Our Ancestors.

I had a comment about Mary Malloy this week. I said I would check it out. Finally it wasn’t the same Mary Malloy…

Thanks for checking it out. I suppose it must not be the same Mary. Maybe all Malloys just look alike.

Mary married Enrico Abraham Turconi.

Who’s Mary. It’s her on this old picture.

Mary Malloy

At first this picture had only some handwriting on it. I compared it to someone’s handwriting and found who she really was.


I am sure Mary Molloy married Enrico Abraham Turconi and had these children:

Albert Turconi 1907–
Mary Turconi 1907–
Agnes Turconi 1908–
Viola Turconi 1911–2013

If you ever stumble on my blog and get confused, just drop me a line to clear up any confusion about who were your ancestors.


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