1928 Holst Point, Ont.

Charlotte’s caption is wrong. It can’t be 1928.

Canadian Vickers Viking Mk.IV G-CYET crashed on 11 July 1927 due to structural failure and not due to lightning. This photo is probably the last one taken of G-CYET. 

Many interesting clues were found in Officer Commanding Apps’s “G” Flight 1927 report. Not easy to read due to the poor quality of the microfilms. Clarence had warned me when he sent the link.

Nothing is easy with this ongoing research. Preserving the past isn’t easy either like the working conditions endured by these young people who made Canadian aviation history.

I had a quick look at the report. Almost no name to be found. Just one that could be a clue… A Mr. Campbell who was in charge of the store, but he can’t be Bill who was definitely RCAF.

How do I know?

To Jim and Margaret
From Bill

Ross told me.