Trying to figure it all  

I am not going anywhere with Charlotte Campbell’s old album. No one has  yet to share anything yet. But I don’t  despair. I have  posted all her pictures  on the Internet, and I know  someone  will  write one day and make my day. 

Maybe I took the wrong approach.

What about that plane Charlotte is standing beside? If it’s Charlotte of course.

What are the clues?

Minaki, Ontario.

The year, 1927.

And there is a missing picture of a mysterious man!

It can’t  be Bill  nor any other  men seen elsewhere in the album.


What are the other  pictures with the captions 1927 and Minaki?

G-CAGE flying off Minaki, Ontario



Summer 1927 – Minaki, Ontario


Season 1927 – Minaki, Ontario?


Vickers “Viking” Amphibian
Photographic “G” Flight
Season 1927
Minaki to Lac-du-Bonnet


I think we are getting somewhere.

We can safely assume Charlotte  is beside  a Vickers Viking at Minaki, Ontario in 1927. 

More Vickers Vikings in 1927…?

With names of places… Holst Point, Snake Island, Nelson House, Winnipegosis, Minaki, Ontario…



Vickers “Viking” Amphibian


Vickers “Viking” Amphibian



Vickers “Viking” Amphibian




Season 1927
Victoria Beach, Manitoba
Forestry Island, Norway House


To be continued next week…