Je suis de retour…

Sometimes you have to be patient.

8 years for that matter. To find the great-great-great-great-grandfather of my five new found fourth cousins three times removed.

Compliqué? Pas du tout.

This is how it all started.


This photocopy is something that I had picked up in 2009 or was it 2008…

It doesn’t matter if it was in 2009 or in 2008, or even in 2007 when I got hooked on genealogy. Pierre Adolphe Lagassé was born in 1851 according to his baptismal act seen here.

I could translate it for you if you want to. Pierre Adolphe was born 14 March 1851. His godfather is Antoine Lagassé. Don’t get confused by the spelling because I have seen everything. Pierre married Mélanie Berthiaume on August 22nd, 1873 in Bedford, Missisquoi County, Quebec, Canada. They had these children.

Some died very young and some had descendants searching for them.

When Pierre Adolphe emigrated to the U.S. his name became Lagasse. Pierre was an undertaker by trade so was his son Frobe seen here with his wife Valéda Forand and their three children Laurent, Norman and Blanche.

                                       Blanche, Frobe, Laurent, Joseph Norman, Valéda Forand

Frobe is seen here again with his wife and a lot of people. Blanche is the baby girl.

Blanche is seen here again holding her son Edward. Valéda is next to her with Philomène Lussier.

Blanche had a daughter also…


Dolly and Edward

Dolly was Marie Dolores Robitaille. She married John F. Schneider.This I did not know until Stephanie told me.

I don’t have more information about Dolly’s and John’s life. What I know is that Stephanie knows it all and she can now share all my research with her husband and her five sons.


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And finding who’s who on that group picture.

Blanche Lagasse daughter of Valéda Forand and Frobe Lagasse