Happy Thanksgiving to all the Lagacés in the U.S.

It’s not Thanksgiving yet, but it will do.

Our Ancestors

This is a great week.

One of Pierre Adolph Lagasse’s descendant wrote this comment on my blog…

Pierre Adolph Lagasse

My Grandmother was Marie (Blanche) Lagasse.

I have some family photos that I would love to share and hopefully have some help identifying the people in one of the large family photos.

This is the picture Linda sent me…

It was taken in 1905.

Valéda Lagasse née Forand is  holding Blanche Lagasse.

I had written an article on Blanche. Blanche was the daughter of Valéda Forand and Frobe Lagasse. Frobe died in 1915.

Someone was asking a question on a genealogy forum…

I am looking for ancestors of Louis Robitaille (b. 1902?), husband to Marie Blanche Lagasse (b. 1904?), and father of Edward Robitaille (b. 1922?) and Marie Delores Robitaille (b. 1924).

All four were born in Massachusetts.

According to Census, Louis’ parents were both born in French…

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