Summer of 27 – More questions than answers…

More questions than answers…

The more I look at Charlotte’s album, the more I learn, and the more I want to learn about the people in the album.

But many more questions need answers if you look closely at what Ross had shared a few months ago.

A torn picture.

Why did Charlotte tore off the face?

It wasn’t Bill or any other men seen in the album. This picture is about Charlotte M. Campbell (if it’s really her), a mechanic, and a friend.

Minaki, Ontario, 1927

Charlotte is beside a floatplane. I will try to identify which plane it was later.

Minaki, Ontario, 1927

We see the same wooden bridge here with Bill.

Look how close they are and how Bill is posing for posterity.

Minaki, Ontario, 1927

This is a beautiful picture with a background that could lead us to find more information about the location of other pictures (just a wild guess).

Minaki, Ontario, 1927

Charlotte just loved to pose for posterity. I wonder who was the photographer.

Minaki, Ontario, 1927

One more wooden bridge picture…

Minaki, Ontario, 1927

I wonder if the bridge is still there in 2017.

Now I just love this next picture.

Minaki, Ontario, 1927

So we are back in time in Minaki, Ontario.

The year is 1927. Early spring or late fall. Bill is with Charlotte on a small bridge. His hand is on her left shoulder. A sign of affection I believe.We will probably never know who is also with Bill and Charlotte.

And maybe someday someone will tell me that Charlotte isn’t Charlotte but someone else…

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