Collection Charlotte M. Campbell – Where to start?

Where to start this journey into the past of Charlotte M. Campbell and her photo album?

With page 2 …


Season 1928
Lake of the Woods, Ontario

I have never been to Lake of the Woods, Ontario, so I will start by looking for more information about it.

What better place than their Website.

Lake of the Woods and the surrounding areas comprise one of the natural wonders of North America. With
over 14,000 islands and more than 105,000 kilometers (65,000 miles) of shoreline – more shoreline than
Lake Superior, the waterways of the lake and the surrounding wilderness offer anglers & hunters and
endless variety of opportunities to experience the wonder of the region.

There are very few clues on these blown-up pictures.






Only two men and no floatplanes around.


Charlotte Campbell, or the person who took these pictures, was probably on a little vacation at Lake of the Woods which has now one of the coolest little museum in Canada…

Click here.

Here is a map made in 1928 that I found.

I had hoped it would have helped me get around Lake of the Woods, Ontario.




If you have any idea about these pictures, please leave a comment or contact us using this form…


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