June 7th, 1900 – Spencer, Massachusetts

Remember this request I got last week…

I am trying to find out about my father’s  family. He is ***. He was born and grew up in and around Boston Massachusetts. His mother we do not know anything about. There is a Bernadette Moreau. She married a man called Phillip Moreau in we think France. Some of the people in your blogs look a lot like I do and my father. There are no pictures or info. Do you have the last names in your family tree that I have posted above? Sure do appreciate any help you can give. I would like to let my two sons have something of both sides of the family. Let me know if you do or don’t. Enjoyed your blog a lot! Thank you so much.

I know I should stop looking for other people’s ancestors, but before I do, I want you to meet Bernadette Moreau and her family.


7 June, 1900, Spencer, Massachusetts (click on the image)

I wish I had pictures to show you of Bernadette’s family members, but I only have this census page to share…

Bernadette Moreau is on that census page with her parents, and her siblings.


Her older sister, Noelia Moreau, is in fact Noella Moreau born on December 24th, 1885. She would married Leroy Peck in 1927.

Roch Moreau is Charles Robert Moreau. He was born on December 7th, 1888.


Find a Grave

Victor Moreau’s full name is Victor Napoleon Moreau. He was born on February 3rd, 1894 and died June 23rd, 1978.

Valentine Moreau was born January 7th, 1896, and she crossed the border on October 23, 1921 at St. Albans, Vermont.

Irene Moreau, who went also by the name Albina, was born February 27th, 1898.


In 1900, Bernadette’s father, Louis Édouard Philippe Moreau, was a saloon keeper, and his wife Mary was keeping house and raising the kids. Mary’s maiden name was Marie Rose Dufault.

According to the 1900 census she had 11 children and 6 were still alive in 1900. But I know she had more than 11. Very few people know that Mary Dufault had two sets of twins. The first set were two girls born on April 15, 1899, but both died from cholera in September 1899. On June 7, 1900, Marie Rose Dufault was 7 months pregnant with another set of twins, Romeo and Raymond.

I wonder if she knew that she was going to have another set of twins.

Maybe Marie Rose did…


Two more girls would be born later, Annette in 1903 and Blanche in 1906…

You know I could go on and on with this search about the Bernadette Moreau’s ancestors…

Maybe I will.

8 thoughts on “June 7th, 1900 – Spencer, Massachusetts

  1. Hello, I am Paula Moreau. My grandfather was Raymond Moreau. He was a twin of Romeo (born August 4, 1900 in Spencer, Mass. I would love to find out more about Marie Rose Dufault and her husband. I was told by my grandmother that she was from Paris and her last name was Moreau and that she married Peter Moreau. However, I just found my grandfather’s birth certificate which identifies his mother as Marie Dufault and his father as Phillip Moreau. Does anyone else have information about this family?

  2. Answer is…
    Marie-Rose Dufault born 23 May 1861, baptised 24 May 1861 in the parish of St-Pierre, in the town of Sorel, Richelieu county, Québec, Canada

  3. Would you like me to invite you on my Ancestry tree? You don’t need to have a paid subscription to access it Paula.

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