July 2007

I can’t remember precisely when my brother came up to see me in July 2007 with a lot of old pictures my aunt  Evelyne had lent him…

In fact  my brother wasn’t  even sure that  the dozen pictures  came from her. This  is one from the  lot. These people are my maternal  great-grandparents Honoré Sauvé and Julie Leroux.

I did not know they had ever existed.


What’s he up to Honoré?
I haven’t a faintest clue Julie…

That  picture  was  what got me obsessed  with  my ancestors in 2007 and later yours in 2009 when I created this blog.

I  had  very  few  old  pictures. Those I had who were in a little  green photo album. That little green photo album was the only thing I could save when my mother died on October 3rd, 1989.


It took me almost 20 years before I got interested in those pictures and start travelling through time…


Travelling through time to find out who my father’s ancestors were.

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