A French Canadian Family – Augustin Noel and Sophia Allaire

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Ellen's Family Quilt

“Nobody knows” – as the saying goes.  It has been almost half a century, and I still don’t know where my 2nd great grandfather was born!  Over the years I have met and corresponded with many relatives.  It has been an enjoyable journey, and even to this  day, I come across new found cousins with information.   I have also become involved with DNA research, and possibly this will be the key to finding the information I am seeking.

“The old-timers have departed this earth, and now I have become the “old-timer”!

Let me start at the beginning:

Augustin NOEL (Austin Newell) and Paul NOEL(Newell) came to America from Canada in the late 1840’s. They lived in the Blackstone River Valley area of Massachusetts for about 10 years (1850-1860).  Augustin married Sophia ALLAIRE (Allen) in Millbury, Massachusetts on February 16, 1852.  According to Augustin NOEL and Sophia ALLAIRE’S marriage record, Augustin’s father’s name was Jean and his mother‘s…

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