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Written in 2010

Our Ancestors

A day in a life…

The wedding of Samuel Lagasse and Marie-Anne Lepage

Claudette, Sam’s little girl, sent me this on Tuesday.

If you don’t know who Claudette is…

Click here.

There is someone else who is playing ball with us…

Claudette’s nephew.

He sent me this picture and a whole lot more.

Stephen and I are fourth cousins. He lives in Texas.

He identified all the people on the photo except the woman on the right.

I knew who she was…

Marie Michaud.

Claudette had this picture of Marie Michaud and her two sons Albert and Roger.

Double play…

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Sam’s Wedding

Sam's wedding

Beautiful  people… Sam’s  getting  married with Marie-Anne. Sam’s  brother  is the best  man. But  who’s  the bridesmaid  and who’s  the  flower  girl?

Hercule Poirot

 This  search  for  these  people’s ancestors  started  in 2007.