Let’s roll!

That’s the problem…

Getting all excited with a picture of someone you knew all about but had no one else to share all this excitement with.

Valéry Forand Blanche and Frobe

Let’s roll!

Now if I can only calm down just a little until next week…

Hercule Poirot

It will be difficile you know…


That’s one reason I write this blog…

Comments left on it after I post something.


Another reason is how it’s fast to react to a comment.

Fran reacted to this picture I just posted on Our Ancestors…

Adolphe Pierre Lagassé


This is the only picture I had of Pierre Adolphe Lagassé, Frobe’s father.

Adolphe Lagasse

His new found descendant will share more of what he has, and I will share it if he allows me to do it on this blog.

Sharing is another reason I write Our Ancestors.

Fran is another…