Genealogy is much more than just searching for dead people…

People in fact die when nobody remembers them by. This is one reason we place headstones to remember them like this one…

headstone Nazaire Bessette

I try hard to remember all my ancestors. I try even harder when I look for strangers’ ancestors like Cordelia Cadieux. I am sure I have found  who she was.

A second cousin four times removed.

file of Cordelie Cadieux 1850

Call it luck if you want, I call it presumption.

I have  used  a  lot of presumption in this  mission starting by who were listed  on that census  page taken from a census done in 1880.

1880 Joseph Langevin and Cordelie Cadieux

Joseph Langevin, his wife Cordelie, their two daughters Cordelia and Regina, the people I presume François is looking  for.

Having no marriage certificate to know who were the parents of Joseph Langevin and Cordelie Cadieux, I tried to find some clues by looking at who were their neighbours especially Joseph Cadieux and Nazaire Bessette…

1880 Joseph Langevin and Cordelie Cadieux with neighbours

Remember Birds of a feather flock together?

Poirot at the beach

Of course, je m’en souviens très bien Monsieur Lagacé…

This headstone was what led me among other clues to Cordelie Cadieux’s ancestors.

headstone Nazaire Bessette

Find a Grave

Nazaire Bessette

My Ancestry file on Nazaire Bessette

group sheet Nazaire Bessette