Forget André Mignier dit La Gâchette!

Urban legend if you ask me.

Soldier of the Régiment Carignan-Salières Illustrator Francis Back


No one has yet to come forward to contradict my findings from my research about the dit name of André Mignier. Mark was the one who was questioning the dit name La Gâchette on Facebook which got me searching.

Nowhere the dit name La Gâchette is found in official parish records except in someone’s transcription of André Mignier and Jacquette Michel’s marriage contract in front of notaire Becquet who was in my own humble opinion famous for his bad handwriting.

notaire Becquet

The dit name L’Agacé means annoyed, and Mark and I are living proof we get annoyed when something is not right.

Case closed?

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In 17th century Nouvelle France (Quebec) our first ancestor’s name had several variations including: Andre Megny / Mignier / Minier “dit Lagacé”.  Many websites also refer to him as  “Lagachette” instead of Lagace on the theory that he was a “sharpshooter”. The word “gachette”  does translate as “trigger”  so it certainly could have been a nickname (just like Mack the Knife!) but I haven’t seen that name on a primary document  – nor do I see it in traditional references such as Drouin, Tanguay, the BMS2000, or documents such as the seigneurial land grants, or Father Casgrain’s history of Riviere-Ouelle. Nevertheless, I’d love to know where this theory originated.