Looking for ancestors?

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I have  written  so much  that  sometimes  I  have a hard time  to link your  comments with  my previous posts.

But I  always  try my hardest  to answer back.

Case  in point…

Great work !!!Mrs Cordelia Cadieux was she married with Joseph Langevin ? If so “rumours” has it she was Abenaki Indian anything on that ?


This was a comment left yesterday about a Cordélia Cadieux. It was left here on a post I had written in February 2014.

To make a story short this Cordelia was not the same Cordelia Cadieux, but I got curious, and connected the dots using information from censuses.

1880 Joseph Langevin and Cordelie Cadieux


2 thoughts on “Looking for ancestors?

  1. I find it funny that we can not help ourselves from researching almost any name that comes before us. At least I know I can’t resist. The time I have spent on research outside my own family would be enough to write a family history book.

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