How I met your ancestors? – Episode One: Montreal 1964

How hard it’s hard to stop isn’t?

Our Ancestors

13 or 26 episodes?

I still don’t know if I should go that far and risk boring you to death about how I met your ancestors.

How I met your ancestors?

With this death certificate!

 acte de deces leo lagace senior

Honest! My grandfather Leo Lagacé’s death certificate.

This is exactly how I met your ancestors in 2009. Before I saw this death certificate I knew nothing about my grandfather’s family, his father, his mother, his siblings,…let alone how I could link him with his famous ancestor André Mignier dit la gâchette.

Soldier of the Régiment Carignan-Salières Illustrator Francis Back

soldier from the régiment de Carignan
artist Francis Back

The only thing I knew was that he had a brother named Adélard.

famille Adélard Lagacé

Adélard Lagacé with his wife Émilienne Côté and their three daughters

Author’s personal collection via an old aunt

The death certificate was sent to me in 2009 by Val d’Or Lagacé, who at that time was the secretary of the Association…

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Looking for ancestors?

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I have  written  so much  that  sometimes  I  have a hard time  to link your  comments with  my previous posts.

But I  always  try my hardest  to answer back.

Case  in point…

Great work !!!Mrs Cordelia Cadieux was she married with Joseph Langevin ? If so “rumours” has it she was Abenaki Indian anything on that ?


This was a comment left yesterday about a Cordélia Cadieux. It was left here on a post I had written in February 2014.

To make a story short this Cordelia was not the same Cordelia Cadieux, but I got curious, and connected the dots using information from censuses.

1880 Joseph Langevin and Cordelie Cadieux