The Best Man

I have searched hard to know who the best man was on that wedding picture…

Myra Alexandre's and William Archambault's wedding picture

Then I got some help from Joe I think, or was it from Frank? The information was on a newspaper clipping dated 1902.

This is the wedding picture of Myra Alexander and William Archambeault.

In 2009 I knew nothing about these people. Little by little my search led me to distant cousin Joe and distant cousin Frank.

The best man was Frank Lagasse. His name changed to Francis Elie Lagase.

A few hours ago his granddaughter found my blog, but she does not know how much I know about her mother’s ancestors, and how I love to share what I know.

I wished I had their wedding picture instead of a headstone.

Francis E La Gase

Francis Elie Lagase

Click on the image for a larger view.

Francis Elie Lagase – LifeStory

Click on the link above.

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