Why are we searching for our ancestors?

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I am always thinking about stopping you know.

Why are we searching for our ancestors?

To link past generations to future generations…

At least this is what I have been doing since 2008, first on Nos ancêtres, a blog written in French, then this one you are reading right now.

I always reflect upon what I am doing here writing post after post after post on “dead” people.

Just linking past generations to present generations so they will in turn share what they know to future generations…

The problem is getting the right ancestors which is  not  always easy.


4 thoughts on “Why are we searching for our ancestors?

  1. Pierre, I hope you continue to keep up your good work in finding and connecting relatives. I know I couldn’t have done it without you! Have a nice day

    • I have learned that we cannot be 100% sure when searching for our ancestors. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. Some pieces don’t seem to fit in, but sometimes they do.

  2. Pierre, I have thought over this question for some time. In my family there are five of us and of the five one is always wanting to know more and more about his parents and grandparents. He is the youngest. The eldest, my sister is much more interested in her own children but has maintained a strong connection to our mother who has not been with us for some years. I am more interested in my ancestors for the incidents of their life that give me prompts for my stories. I know that my youngest brother is interested because he was too young to have experienced first hand what I did and he likes to live those experiences through my stories.

    • I would say that curiosity is the driving force and some unknown force also…
      Stay tuned for an update on Martha Deno.
      I told Jody she should be the one to write that story.

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