The first guest post

This is post No. 1079. I have written 1078 posts since September 2009. This is the first guest post on Our Ancestors.

There is always a  first time… 


There is a great mystery in our family, whom none have been able to solve: Who is the mother of Martha Dano Jackley?

Because Martha married into the Jackly/Jackley family in 1866, all Jackleys doing genealogy have exhausted themselves trying to solve this puzzle. Add to this the variant phonetic transcriptions, errors in transcribing hand-written census, birth and other Canadian records from so long ago, and we are all worn out with this quest. (We are sure that Martha’s father was John Dano, 1809 – 1875; birth in Canada; death 8 June 1875 in Lanesborough, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA.)

The photograph of Martha’s possible mother has an inscription on the back: “Great-great Grandma Dano”. There is no other information. This photograph is in the possession of a “Jackley” relative who was born in 1895. She might have been born between 1810 – 1820.

All the Jackley relatives would be so very grateful if someone could solve the mystery of Martha Dano’s heritage.

Thank you, and Profound Blessings!

Jody Neff (Largo, Florida, USA)



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2 thoughts on “The first guest post

  1. I found a tree on Ancestry user name: chickshep

    Martha Dano b: 31 Jul 1844 Toronto d:19 Feb 1923 Indianapolis IN
    d/o John Deneau 1809 – 1875 & Harriet Robarge 1824 -1900

    Believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it. ~André Gide

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