Old pictures have always fascinated me… I am just waiting  for  permission  to post  one.

Our Ancestors

Who’s excited?

Cynthia was not the only one who was excited.

Robin was also excited…

I am anxious too for her, its been awhile since the Bleau family has been searched by someone, great job Pierre for keeping this blog going, we all appreciate all your hard work.

Hard work?

This is fun…

Going back in times is what I like the most and finding links between people and me. Bringing our ancestors to life again and interact with them with pictures if we can find them.

Someone else wrote me a message, this time on Ancestry. She is a descendant of Scholastique Lauzon and Maxime Neveu seen here in a family picture.

Family  of Joseph Girard and Léocadie NeveuThe message says a lot about excitement…

Hello Pierre, my name is [ ], Scholastique Lauzon Neveau is great great grandmother. Her husband Maxime, their son Leander, his son Roy, [], my mother and I are asking…

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5 thoughts on “Excited?

  1. Hi Pierre, I also love old photos just wish some of them had names on them or that they could talk. Recently I found a distant relative online who furnish a couple of photos of my grandfather as a young man which made me feel like I found a pot of gold! I will never give up researching because you never know when you may get a surprise. Have a nice day

  2. Puis-je ajouter mon MICRO grain de sel?

    Le seul Bleau qui ravive quelque souvenir pour moi serait celui du curé Gustave Bleau, premier curé de la paroisse Sainte-Louise de Marillac à mon arrivée dans cette paroisse aux environs de 1956. Il est décédé en 1973.

    La rue Leney, dans le quartier de Tétraultville, a été renommée en son honneur la rue Gustave-Bleau en novembre 1976.

    Selon http://ville.montreal.qc.ca/portal/page?_pageid=1560,11245605&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL , Gustave Bleau serait ”né DesRoches” (??).

  3. Il y a peut-être un lien entre la famille Bleau sur laquelle s’effectuent les recherches actuelles et ce ”né DesRoches” que j’ai trouvé sur le site de toponymie de la Ville de Montréal…

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