Four daughters – Redux

Posted in 2012 on Our Ancestors in the hope someone related to these people would write me one day… Well I got this message on Ancestry last night.

I am the great-great grandson of Joseph and Lillian Hall. I see that you have their wedding pictures. I would really love to see them and find out any more information you may have. Thanks for your help.

Original post


John Archambeault had four daughters and one son.

John Archambeault

John Archambeault married Florence Boucher.

Florence Boucher

Before Frank Archambeault sent me a whole lot of pictures, I thought John Archambeault was the same man seen in this montage I made with one of pictures Ed had sent me.

With all the pictures Frank Archambeault sent me, now I know I was wrong, but at least I had a head start with John’s daughters…

I had their names!

Now, I have their pictures, and they are beautiful…

Four daughters

This is Flora Archambault Bull (1873-1912) with her sister Alice.

Flora and Alice

This is Lillie (Lillian) Archambault Hall (1877-?) with her sister Alice.

Alice and Lillian

This is Alice Archambault Brunt (4 July 1878-15 September 1953).


Now this is Nellie (Helen) Archambault McCann (1884-?) with her father John Archambeault.

Nellie and her father

I still believe John Archambeault is on these two pictures.

John Archambeault would be with his daughter Flora born in 1873.

Flora Archambeault was first married to Patrick J. Whelan, but then she was granted a divorce on cause of his intemperance and the way he treated her. She would remarried in 1906 with Samuel J. Bull.

Samuel J. Bull and Flora Shambo

Flora Archambeault died 100 years ago.

Source Find a Grave

I am sure Sam took good care of Flora.


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