Richard Grinndal remembered

This is a sequel about someone I wrote a post on this blog.

Read the post first, then the comment made.


Probably not that important that I should write about this person.

I have learned since 2009 that everything I write on this blog is for a reason. I am the one who benefits the most from all this writing I have been doing since 2009.

I have learned so much about myself and others that I have a hard time stopping writing.

So what is all about Richard Grinndal who died on November 22, 1944 and probably left no descendants to remember him by.

I have started writing about him on my blog about No. 23 Squadron. If you have been reading that blog, you know why I wrote it in the first place.

If not click here.

So what about Richard Eric Grinndal?

1940 U.S. Census Richard Grinndal


You tell me because I know very little about him.



Richard Grinndal was my uncle whom I never knew. I was born two months after he died. My middle name is Richard, after him. I often wonder how my life would have been different had he lived. He held BS & MS degrees in engineering, a Phi Beta Kappa key & was well liked by many including his flying buddies. I am my family’s keeper of the many photos, letters & other mementos from him including his letters home, burial flag, etc. He & his pilot Sam Peebles shot down V-1 flying bombs & I have copies of action reports describing how they did it. Their Mosquito crashed on take-off flying one last mission after his requirement was fulfilled. The main point is that he was a good man, brilliant & well thought of, who would have made a much greater contribution to our society.


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