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Find a Grave

Find a Grave

A reader just replied to a comment made on this article I had written  in 2011

This is the article  in question.


Louis Joseph  Combe is Sylvia’s father. Sylvia is still living and has a lot of pictures of her family. Her daughter sent them to Robin who is in the process of scanning them all.

Louis Combe was a photographer by trade, but obviously he did not take this photo. 

Louis Joseph Combe

This is the original photo Robin had scanned two days ago.

I did a little editing just using Paint…

It was worth taking the time to do it since Robin took the time to scan 44 pictures.

I won’t be posting or editing all of them. Only some that will be touching people’s lives so to speak.

I believe the motorcycle picture would have been taken around 1915, maybe earlier. Louis would have been 21 in 1912. Louis Joseph Combe was born in 1891 in Custer, in South Dakota. He died in 1987.  

His father was Victor Combe who was a French immigrant. Victor Combe arrived in the U.S. in 1885 and in 1890 he married Virginia Grandbois who was French-Canadian.

Louis Combe married Sylvia Bleau who was the daughter of David Bleau and Agnes Alexandre who both had French-Canadian ancestors. Agnes is my first cousin twice removed. Her mother Philomene was my great-grandfather’s sister.

Robin has found a lot about her roots and her husband’s, but now she has a lot of pictures to go around and share them with all of us.

The Combe Family

She also found three people passionate about genealogy.

About 1915…?

In 1917…?

A little History Detectives…?

Where was that picture taken…?


Now the comments…

First Ryan’s comment

I love the picture of my Great grandfather Louis on the Harley! Such a cool picture, and you did a great job cleaning it up. I’m going to print that one and hang it in my office at home! I also love the pic of my grandpa Louis and great uncle Larry and will print and frame that one also. Great stuff!

Glee’s  comment

Hi my name is Glee Moureen Combe Judson. I believe the great uncle Larry mentioned above is my father, Lawrence Victor Combe (Sr.) b. 10/29/1921 d. 06/24/2003. Louis Joseph Combe, Sr.was my dad’s father. His oldest daughter referred to above as Sylvia, was known to her nieces and nephews as Aunt Marie. It would be nice to receive this information, if possible. Our son just happens to live in New Haven, Ct and is interested in knowing more about our family history. Grandpa (Louis Combe) moved his family from Connecticut in 1927 to Southern California.

Thank you for sharing this information and photos.


15 thoughts on “It is well

  1. Bonjour je cherche la date et endroit du mariage de Victor Combe et Viginie Grandbois fille de Disier Grandbois et Cecile Adam marie le 17-7-1855 Batiscan QC famille de Disier randbois et Cecile Adam———-Emma—Edouard—Joseph Marie Louis—–Victor–Cecile ophilia—–Virginie MARIE A VICTOR COMBE —–Delima —–Adeline—-rosalie osaide
    Merci c’est dans l’arbre genealogie de mon epouse

    • Les premières recherches d’un lectrice indiquait que Victor Combe venait de France. Son mariage serait vers 1890 aux États-Unis. Je vais vérifier le tout et vous revenir.

      • 11 juin 1890 à Bakerville au Dakota du Sud selon l’article d’un journal écrivant sur leur 25e anniversaire de mariage.

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