Post 1050 – Remembering Elusive Dennis

That’s quite a lot of posts for a blog about genealogy, a blog remembering this man and his descendants.

Dennis Lagasse II

Collection Dennis Lagasse IV

I can only guess his character by the pictures that have been shared by my distant cousins.

Dennis Lagasse II (1842-1927)

Collection Dennis Lagasse IV

I’m sure he was a family man.

Dennis Lagasse wedding pictureCollection Dennis Lagasse IV

Elusive Dennis

Collection Dennis Lagasse IV

Someone once called him Elusive Dennis. His real name was Stanislas Lagacé son of Stanislas Lagacé and Onésime Cadieux.

This next picture made him famous, at least on Our Ancestors, as well as his son Dennis Lagassey III, his grandson Harry Lagasse and his great-grandson Gerard Lagasse born June 9, 1916.


four generations of Lagasse

Dennis Lagassey III is seen here with his five sons: Levi Napoleon, Harvey, Victor Philippe, Harry, and Joseph.

Dennis Lagasse III and some of his sons

Collection Dennis Lagasse IV

I know all about Dennis Lagassey III and his five sons. I also know all about his daughters: Rose (beside her father), Ida, Bertha, Odna, Gertrude, and in front Antoinette, and Alice.

picture from Dennis 1.1

I know all about his wife Amanda Ménard.


So what about Elusive Dennis on this group picture?

27 people.

Elusive Dennis

I know where Elusive Dennis is, but with Amanda Ménard on the extreme left in the third row I can’t positively identify anyone else. I have a hunch though we have a bunch of Dubes…Dubés…Dubeys on this group picture.

2 out of 27, that ain’t much!

Post 1050…

That’s the reason I have been posting so much since 2009, and have replied to every comment left on this blog about remembering this man.

Dennis II and Dennis III

I should ease up a bit don’t you think?

11 thoughts on “Post 1050 – Remembering Elusive Dennis

  1. I love reading about my ancestors and hope you continue all the good work. Wish my grandmother was here, she would love to see these pictures and tell us who some the people are.

  2. It must be a great feeling when you have a when like that. My younger brother is the detective in our family and I leave it to him. I might get him to let me have all he has of my grandfather who was a young Anglican priest in Saskatoon Saskatchewan a bit over a hundred years ago. Did you ever read the poem I wrote about him?

  3. I’m related to a bunch of people on your website. It’s very confusing so I’m not going to go into it on here, but I’m related to Lemieux, Briere, Dufresne, and LaRochelle. I’m somehow related to the Maynards but I can’t remember without looking at my tree. Incidentally, I’ve been putting members of the Maynard family on findagrave when I’m finding their obituaries denoting burial… So there may be a few of your relatives noted there that were not before.

    • Confusing?
      You are right.
      Even I can’t imagine the stuff I wrote.
      But you are here, that’s what’s important!
      I know a lot about the Ménard or Maynards.
      I can help you as a guide through Our Ancestors.

    • Searching for Maynards

      Find a Grave Search Results

      Too Many Records

      This search would return 21,037 records.
      Please go back and refine your search so it returns fewer than 10,000 records.

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