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Dennis Lagasse II

Collection Lionel Lagasse via Dennis Lagasse IV  

This is just one of the many pictures Dennis has shared. He has shared more than 100 old pictures, and each one has its own story to tell.

Dennis III and his five sons

I know Dennis is enjoying the blog as well as those who write comments once and awhile. You don’t  have  to  comment every time  I  post  something.

Sharing  is what fuels Our Ancestors.

I had written about the A-Team who are all the people who  have shared so much since 2009.

The A-Team

I like to add a touch of humour to Our Ancestors.


Genealogy is a serious business. People make a lot of money. I don’t.

I  never cut corners and make you believe things like who was Hector Philias Lamothe in old pictures.


This  week  I posted  this  beautiful  picture. A lovely pregnant wife with her nice  looking husband.

Bristol, Conn. about 1908-1909

At first I believed  the man  was young Dennis Lagasse II with his pregnant wife Henriette Alexandre. Maybe I thought my grandfather Leo was also on this picture.

But I was wrong.

Dennis II and Dennis II 1916

The time frame was all wrong. It could not be winter 1887 in Notre-Dame-des-Anges in Quebec. The only possible couple was his first son Antoine (Anthony) and Délia Bertrand whom I first met on a visit to St. Thomas Cemetery  in 2011 with 3rd cousin Joe.

Anthony Lagassse

I had written about that visit to St. Thomas Cemetery where Anthony rests in peace since 1934 surrounded  by two of his children Aurore and Joseph.

Aurore Lagase

I had also written about Joseph in 2012.

Joseph Lagasse August 16, 1968

And about his brother William…

It’s  a  long way  to  Tipperary…