Tip of the iceberg

My blog Our Ancestors is just the tip of the iceberg when you know that I have more than 36,000 files on Ancestry and close to 6000 pictures of all kind.

My family tree is like a big jigsaw puzzle. Some pieces seem to fit in well, then when I look at them another time, they don’t.

So I make hypotheses to identify people on pictures without captions

men with straw hats 2

Case in point…

You all know the Odna case.

Odna & Frank 1913

Odna Lagasse and Frank Ritchie

Later in life…

Odna and Frank 1941

Odna and Frank

Frank Ritchie can’t be who I first thought he was on these pictures.

man with car

I first thought this was Frank Ritchie, Odna’s husband.

We see this man several times in pictures shared by readers.

Ida Lagasse and sisters

Frank Ritchie - Hector Lamothe - Levi Napoleon Lagasse - ? - ? - Ida and Odna Lagasse

Then I looked more closely at this picture, and I saw the light.

Hector Philias Lamothe, Ida Lagasse’s husband!

Levi -  ? Dubé - Hector Lamothe and Ida Lagasse

Levi Napoleon Lagasse, mystery woman, Hector Lamothe and his wife Ida Lagasse

Child- Odna - Frank - Ida - ? - ? - Levi Napoleon - Dubé? - Hector Lamothe

Here we have little Helen Ritchie with her mother Odna Lagasse Ritchie, then Hector Lamothe, his wife Ida Lagasse Lamothe, two mystery ladies, Levi Napoleon Lagasse, God knows who she is, and also no idea who he is but not what I think he was…

East Bristol 1915

Hector is again on this picture.

Levi - ? - Frank Ritchie - ? - Hector Lamothe

Brothers-in-law and cousins?

Puzzling isn’t?

One final note…