Meet Bill and Edward

So easy to write more than a thousand posts on Our Ancestors…

You just need a comment like what one of Amelia Lagasse’s descendants wrote yesterday…

Greetings Pierre,
I’m a descendant of Amelia Lagasse (born 1858), daughter of Pierre Lagasse and Marcelline David. She is my 2nd Great Grandmother. I guess that makes us cousins of some sort. I just stumbled on your blog several days ago and I’ve been feasting ever since! The photos you’ve gathered are amazing. I haven’t been through everything, but I wondered if you’d ever posted a photo of Amelia? Thank you for your family history efforts!

or some people on a beach in Connecticut…

Hercule Poirot in Hammonasset Beach

This is why genealogy is so addictive. One day you know  nothing…


Then the floodgates  open wide when you least expect it.

Edward Lagasse never married, but his brother Bill did. 

men with straw hats 2

Ed is on the left and Bill next to him smiling since 1925.

Bill Lagasse

We’re in 1925 because now I know the little boy is Alfred, son of Fred Lagasse and Aurore Lagasse.

Afred Lagasse 1921

Alfred was born April 22, 1921. I only had his mother’s first name: Aurore. That was until last week.

Aurore and her son Alfred

Then I found out who she was: Fred Lagasse’s first cousin.

man with cigar

I had Aurore Lagase somewhere in my databank with this stone…

Aurore Lagase

It was next to her parents’ headstone. But I never made the connection when I  took those two pictures  in St. Thomas Cemetery in 2011.

Anthony Lagassse

This unidentified couple would  be  Aurore’s parents.

Bristol, Conn. about 1908-1909

Délia Bertrand and Anthony Lagasse?

Not 100% sure yet, but I can wait for six more years.

About William Lagasse…

William Lagasse