How to go on with this search ?


Pun intended…

Sometimes  there are mysteries  even Hercule Poirot won’t be able to solve…

But not  this  one.

imageOr this one…


Goodie  goodie Pépère, another  mystery  solved!

I just can’t stop looking for who are in old pictures.

Dorothy Miller, unknown, Dalton Miller

The beach pictures were always in the back of my mind since 2009.

True story!

Now I have some expert help.

Poirot at the beach

This might  be  une  longue histoire  you know…


5 thoughts on “How to go on with this search ?

  1. Greetings Pierre,
    I’m a descendant of Amelia Lagasse (born 1858), daughter of Pierre Lagasse and Marcelline David. She is my 2nd Great Grandmother. I guess that makes us cousins of some sort. 🙂

    I just stumbled on your blog several days ago and I’ve been feasting ever since! The photos you’ve gathered are amazing. I haven’t been through everything, but I wondered if you’d ever posted a photo of Amelia? Thank you for your family history efforts!

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