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Are you kidding?
Can’t  stop now because  I  am on a roll.
Roll, camera, action.

– You  know  Edward, this is a wild  and  crazy  guy…

– Sure is William.

– Sons, don’t  you talk about my brother’s  great-grandson  like that  you hear!

Hercule Poirot – The man with the cigar


Hercule Poirot in Hammonasset Beach

Ah oui! L’homme  au  cigare on Hammonasset  Beach  in Connecticut. Bien  sûr  mon  ami that I remember that case  very  well.

This was one of the most intriguing  cases  I had came  upon since the wedding  in 1909.

famille Hogue vers 1910

The wedding of Bernadette Hogue with Joseph Phaneuf in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Augustine Hogue 2

But you don’t want me to talk about that case don’t you?

Now, what about the man with the cigar holding  un petit  garçon on a beach in Connecticut in les États-Unis in 1925.

at the beach

Watch the little birdie  Alfred…

L’homme au cigare has to be his father Fred, and on this next photo the woman has to be his mother Aurore.

Regarde le petit oiseau Alfred…

On the  first  picture the mother, now  holding le petit garçon, took  the picture, and the second picture was taken by the father.

Simple  déduction mon ami…

Première photo, le  père  tient  le petit  garçon.

at the beach

Deuxième  photo, it’s  the  mother.

The man with the  cigar has to be Fred Lagasse seen here with someone  I think is his uncle.


But he could  also  be  his father…the old man on the left with the fedora!


See you next Monday.