Little Grey Cells

Sometimes Hercule Poirot is hard to follow.

Hercule Poirot in Hammonasset Beach

Is it really?

I don’t want to lose you with all the deductions I have arrived at.

My little  grey cells  were acting up last week with  this picture sent by Joe,  the husband  of my new found third cousin.


Collection Dorothy Miller

Could these women be related to my side of the family, and be Joseph’s sisters?

I could not find enough evidence that Marie-Anne Lagasse what on it so I let it go for the time  being, and I went instead searching elsewhere for Joseph Lagasse’s sisters, if this is Joseph Lagasse of course.


Collection Dorothy Miller

While looking for Marie-Anne, I found this clue on Find a Grave and I asked permission to use it.


Courtesy Gail Denomme

With this I went back to these old tintype photographs to get my little grey cells working up again…


Collection Frank Archambault

Then I saw the light at the end of a lost tunnel…

Well at the bottom.


Looking straight at me was Fred Lagasse. Fred has to be on the left with an uncle, probably one of Sophie Archambault’s brothers.


Collection Frank Archambault

I believe that Fred was on the beach as well as his father Frank Lagasse, his mother Sophie, two of his brothers, Edward and William, and his  sister Cora Mamie.

Fred Lagase

Everything became clear in my head…even who was the little boy. 

Well almost everything became clear as you will find out later.