Ste-Thérèse – Summer of 39

Before I move on with my search for Joseph’s missing sibling Marie-Anne…


Putting a date on a picture is another of my obsessions…


Nine children having their picture taken on a porch in Ste-Thérèse-de-Blainville in 1939, a picture shared by a distant cousin I met only once.

Nine stories… most of them very sad. So much so it will  never be told on a blog. One child is my father, five others are his siblings.

Each  child on this picture would  have  his  or  her  story to tell. Six of them were descendants of this old man I never knew had existed before I started looking for my ancestors in 2007.


Stanislas Lagacé II

This old man is also seen here on this  group  picture.

My great-grandfather Dennis Lagasse II (Stanislas  Lagacé II) is easy to spot so is his son Dennis Lagassee III.

I  can’t  remember  who had shared  this  group picture with me. So many people have shared so many pictures since 2010 that sometimes I lose track.

I  know  it was  not Alyce whose grandfather  was Idala Lagasse…

Idala 1930

who married Olivine…

Idala's second wife - Olivine Poupart

Olivine Poupart

after his first wife Albina  Quintin  had died from general septicemia.

Albina Quintin death certificate

It was not the person who had shared the first group picture with me in 2009 but who had stopped sharing…

But  that’s  okay, I  can  live with  that.

I  know  it was  not Dennis  Lagasse IV who  has shared more than  100  old pictures and still enjoys reading Our Ancestors.

I  think it might be Michael who found his  birth mother after all these years of searching.

montage Penelope and little girl

Alyce knows all about this  search since she was our go-between in 2010.

Your  secrets are always safe with me, so feel free to share old pictures and stories because you never know what you can find.

I just remembered now who sent this picture.

Michael did with this one.


Dennis III, Dennis II and an unknown man

I’m so glad he did.

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