Stanis Lagassey’s Log Cabin

Written in 2013 when Joseph was just a name on a headstone.

Our Ancestors

No picture of the one-story log cabin, but the 1861 Census is showing that Stanislas Lagacé (1816-1900) was living in a log cabin with his little family.

I will make you believe that this is his log cabin even though this is a two-story log cabin…


Why can’t I make you believe that my great-great-grandfather lived in this log cabin?

I can rewrite history like the Port Huron Museum did with Mitchell Lagassa’s log cabin.

This is a page taken from the 1861 Canadian Census in Missiquoi County before Canada was even born (1867).

1861 Stanis Lagassey

This is a real document taken on this Website. It’s the first time it is available on the Internet.

Pure gold!

Stanislas Lagacé, who was a farmer in Stanbridge, has his name entered as Stanis Lagassey. But I know this is my great-great-grandfather. He is 46 years old and he is living with his wife Onésime…

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